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At Wildrose Jane, we are committed to you and your wellness journey. No matter what stage of life you are in, we know that a brighter tomorrow is possible when you embrace holistic, organic solutions and let your happiness and beauty shine from within. Our Premium Grade CBD can expand your horizons, restoring your faith in natural ingredients. We craft superior wellness products to accommodate a wide range of personal preferences, each containing organic, pure, and clean ingredients, helping you feel your very best without unnecessary chemicals and contaminants.

Our CBD (short for cannabidiol) is derived from healthy American-grown hemp, cultivated under the most strict, rigorous conditions to ensure maximum potency of each beneficial ingredient in the plant. Processed to perfection, we guarantee our phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract is free of all unwanted compounds, including THC, for your peace of mind.

Invest in Your Well-Being

When you use Wildrose Jane CBD products as part of your daily routine, you will begin to realize the importance of self-care, and you will grow to see it as a worthwhile investment in yourself and your well-being. How you treat yourself today – your mind, your body, your skin – can determine how agile and resilient you feel tomorrow and for years to come. Mother Nature offers healing, restorative benefits, and we believe that it’s never too late to embrace her holistic, organic solutions to simplify your lifestyle and begin living in a deeply rewarding, satisfying way.

At Wildrose Jane, we are advocates of self-love and self-care. Our intelligently-crafted CBD products make living a fulfilling life easily achievable. Our premium formulas can help you experience a true sense of tranquility and relaxation, contribute to a healthy sleep routine, support healthy muscle and joint function, elevate your daily skincare ritual, and so much more – all without any unwanted euphoric side effects. Discover how much better your best can be with Wildrose Jane CBD!


Our Best Sellers

Good Treats Make Good Dogs


One of the best parts about being a pet parent is helping your fur baby grow and develop.
We offer specially formulated hemp oil dog treats to help give man’s best friend the same support
that humans receive from hemp oil.

Our hemp oil dog treats are full of flavors and textures your dog is sure to love. They’re easy to digest,
too — this means that your pup enjoys the same fast absorption and quick effects that humans get with
other Wildrose Jane hemp oil products. You’ll see the hemp oil go to work in your dog just as quickly as it goes
to work in your body.



Wildrose Jane has your best interest at heart. We use only the best
quality ingredients in our products and make sure all batches of our
hemp oil products are tested by third-party labs for potency and contaminants.
That way, you can enjoy your hemp oil confidently knowing that with zero traces of THC, your state of mind is never altered.


Wildrose Jane products are so effective because of their superior quality of THC free and broad spectrum hemp oil and the technology used to increase its bioavailability to the body. Our softgels are made using water-soluble nanoemulsion technology and the dog treats and energy drink mix are made with water-soluble hemp extract powder.

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