CBD for Women: What You Need to Know

CBD is making an impression on everyone lately, as it is an all-natural, plant-derived wellness ingredient that is extremely versatile. It is making an appearance in products you can consume, apply to your skin, and even give to your pets. CBD offers benefits to individuals with many types of discomforts – emotional or physical – because it interacts uniquely with the body to promote true harmony.

Despite being a wellness favorite for young adults, mature adults, men, and women, CBD has recently stolen the spotlight for its ability to appeal to women, specifically. Everyone can benefit from the all-natural benefits of CBD, however, there are a few areas more specific to women that CBD can help with.

Get to Know CBD

Young and old, women experience some unique discomforts that impact both mind and body, and often, they reach for an over-the-counter solution. For some, it seems to be the natural response to discomfort because, usually, nothing else works.

Well, nothing else worked. Unnatural solutions have become a thing of the past thanks to the powerful ingredient reshaping the market: cannabidiol. CBD for short, this natural, holistic wellness solution has changed the way women manage their discomforts. If you haven’t heard of the power of CBD, here’s everything you need to know about the impressive ingredient:

1. CBD (cannabidiol) is a compound derived from the hemp plant. It is one of many compounds called cannabinoids that come from plants in the cannabis family.

2. You may know of two popular plants in the cannabis family: hemp and marijuana. Remember, they are in the same plant family, but not identical plants. Marijuana is naturally high in THC, the ingredient known to produce psychoactive side effects, whereas hemp is naturally low in THC. Most importantly, only hemp-derived compounds are legal to purchase and consume in the United States.

3. Hemp-derived CBD exploded in popularity after The Farm Bill passed in 2018, making all derivatives of hemp federally legal in the U.S. if they contain .3% THC or less. High-end brands like Wildrose Jane take the extra step to remove all traces of THC from their hemp extract for your peace of mind.

4. CBD is natural, safe to use daily, and non-addictive.

As soon as consumers realize that CBD is a holistic wellness solution that delivers numerous benefits without mind-altering side effects, they are immediately intrigued. Once they try it, individuals quickly become convinced of CBD’s powerful potential. For women especially, CBD has been a reliable solution to some female-specific discomforts. Let’s explore why women love CBD so much.

Forget Diamonds – CBD Is a Girl’s Best Friend

Women are strong, powerful, and resilient. No matter their size, shape, and ability, women’s bodies are beautiful and worth celebrating. They also experience a unique type of fatigue and discomfort, and CBD has been coming to the rescue in an all-natural way. Here’s how this plant-derived super-ingredient is addressing many of women’s wellness needs – mind and body.

Physical Discomfort

Women experience a particular type of physical discomfort. Sometimes attributed to hormones, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), or menopause, women know that physical fatigue comes along with many phases of life. Instead of reaching for unnatural remedies, women are beginning to use CBD to address their tender bodies. For example:

  • A CBD softgel can be taken orally, and it gets to work quickly to help reduce bodily fatigue. Long-lasting, highly absorbent products, like those offered by Wildrose Jane, will work more promptly than most competitors’ products because our CBD softgels are processed using nanoemulsion technology. Nanoemulsion makes the beneficial ingredients more bioavailable (easier for the body to absorb), so you can have a more effective CBD experience.
  • A CBD salve can be topically applied to your most uncomfortable areas. Women love topical CBD because they can target specific spots and minimize discomfort quickly and easily. Many women have experienced days where their bodies felt so tender and fatigued that it impacted their plans. CBD helps consumers feel better faster, so they can get out and enjoy life again, without feeling held back.

Emotional Discomfort

With so many responsibilities and things to manage daily, emotional fatigue happens to just about everyone. For women, depending on the impact of hormonal phases in life, that emotional fatigue can feel exacerbated, resulting in higher stress levels and less life enjoyment. CBD is a great solution for these types of emotional stressors because:

  • CBD interacts with the body in perfect harmony and helps promote a true sense of emotional peace and clarity.
  • CBD does not produce uncomfortable mind-altering side effects, so the products naturally deliver benefits without any caveats.
  • CBD is safe to take day or night, so it can be used exactly when it’s needed. This type of versatility and flexibility makes CBD highly appealing.

Wildrose Jane CBD – Helping Women Feel Great

At Wildrose Jane, we are advocates of women’s health and believers in natural, holistic solutions. We want all of our customers to feel confident when they shop with us because we are committed to absolute quality at every turn.

We believe in sustainable processes, organic ingredients, and true attention to detail to produce the very best CBD on the market. Finding quality CBD shouldn’t be complicated, and at Wildrose Jane, we make it easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for. Our CBD products are always:

  • Dense with CBD and cannabinoids derived from healthy, carefully-cultivated hemp plants
  • Safe to use daily
  • Broad-spectrum
  • THC-free
  • Third-party lab tested for quality assurance

We focus on providing natural, cruelty-free, holistic products that are free of THC but full of TLC, so you can love our CBD products and love yourself, too! We also have a money-saving subscription program. If you sign up, you will get 10% off of each order in the subscription! Start shopping now to save on all of your favorites!

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