How to Identify High-Quality CBD Products

When you make the decision to add a new health and wellness product to your daily routine, it’s important to choose products you can trust. Because CBD has become one of the most popular health and wellness products on the market today, there has been an oversaturation of products hitting the shelves – but remember: They are not of equal quality.

When it comes to your health, it’s important to choose quality products, and at Wildrose Jane, we are here to help provide all the information you need to make the best wellness decisions possible.

How to Find Quality CBD – Six Tips from Our Experts

Before making a purchase, you should be sure that your CBD product is pure, safe, and truly high quality. If not, you run the risk of consuming or applying harsh, unnecessary ingredients that will not only be ineffective, they can also be unsafe. Recent studies have revealed that many lesser-known CBD brands will have inaccurate labels – so what you think is in the bottle is not always correct. When it comes to your health, this is not a risk worth taking.

There are a few simple ways to distinguish mediocre CBD products from high-quality ones, and once you know what to look for, you’ll be a much more confident shopper. Here are six tips for choosing a premium quality CBD product:

1. Make sure your CBD is derived from hemp.

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a compound extracted from plants in the cannabis family. Hemp and marijuana are the most well-known plants in this family, and sometimes, consumers confuse the two. It is important to know that hemp and marijuana are not the exact same plant. Marijuana contains high levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the ingredient known for producing psychoactive side effects, whereas hemp contains low levels of THC. In addition, only hemp-derived CBD products are legal in the United States. Hemp-derived CBD made its legal debut in 2018 when The Farm Bill made all hemp derivatives legal, as long as they contain no more than .3% THC – a trace amount.

2. Make sure your hemp is grown in the United States.

Because the United States has highly-regulated, strict farming standards, hemp grown in the U.S. meets the industry standard for quality. When grown overseas, the hemp leaves, flowers, and stalks are more likely to contain unwanted pesticides, metals, and chemicals, which are unnecessary and unsafe.

3. Only purchase CBD from a brand that utilizes scientifically-advanced extraction and purification methods.

There are many ways to extract the beneficial compounds from the hemp plant, and some ways are more effective than others. Some methods may be inexpensive, but they can also compromise the potency of the compounds while leaving residual solvents and traces of unwanted compounds in the final extract, making it less pure, and frankly, lower quality.

The most expensive extraction methods are well worth the cost, and that’s what exclusive, premium retailers use. On their website, you should be able to learn all about your brand of choice, including their extraction and purification methods. They should utilize supercritical CO2 extraction for the most refined final product.

4. Choose a brand that uses nanoemulsion technology.

If you haven’t heard of nanoemulsion technology, get excited. It is the most advanced way to microscopically shrink the beneficial hemp oil particles into the perfect size so they can have a higher absorption rate in your body. These products are more bioavailable, making a little bit go a long way, delivering faster results, and making your purchase last longer.

5. Look for broad-spectrum, THC-free CBD.

You will find two classifications of CBD products in stores and online. Some will be labeled “full-spectrum,” and others will be labeled “broad-spectrum.” Here’s the difference:

    • Full-spectrum CBD products contain a hemp oil blend rich in many hemp-derived compounds, like CBD, CBG, terpenes, and flavonoids. Full-spectrum products also contain up to .3% THC. This trace amount of THC complies with the law and is not known to produce mind-altering side effects.
    • Broad-spectrum CBD products also contain a similar hemp oil blend rich in many of the same hemp-derived compounds (CBD, CBG, terpenes, and flavonoids) but without THC. Premier retailers take the extra step to remove the traces of THC, giving you more peace of mind.

Broad-spectrum CBD is also the most ideal product because it delivers a more effective overall experience than a CBD Isolate (pure CBD without other cannabinoids). When several hemp-derived compounds work together in the body, they produce a phenomenon called “The Entourage Effect.” The Entourage Effect can be experienced when many compounds interact harmoniously with the body, maximizing the positive effects. Like any other good team, your CBD product is most effective when the individual compounds work together.

6. Your CBD products should be third-party tested by an independent lab.

Third-party lab testing is an essential element for any reputable CBD brand. An independent third-party lab will make sure that the ingredient list matches what’s in the bottle, so you never have to question the accuracy of those claims. An independent third-party lab will also analyze the product to make sure that it does not contain harmful metals, chemicals, or any other traces that you absolutely don’t want in your wellness product.

The lab report will verify whether or not the product contains THC. If you have purchased a broad-spectrum, THC free product, the lab report should be able to prove that. This is one of the most important qualities, and if a brand does not offer you access to third-party lab reports, there is no way to prove that your product is safe and pure.

Wildrose Jane – Premium Quality CBD

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