Mantras to Help You Build Self-Love

This year has been an emotional rollercoaster for many of us. When we rang in the new year, we did so with excitement, looking ahead to 2020 filled with promise. Not long after, we began adapting our everyday lives to a new, less exciting normal. For some, milestone events were canceled, for others, everyday pleasures and routines had to be put on hold indefinitely. In many households, there was no reason to change out of pajamas because literally everything was being done from home. For those who have jobs requiring travel or for individuals who still have to leave home, you do so with your face covered to avoid getting sick, trying to avoid crowds, lines, and other people in general. All in all, this is just not the year we all expected.

As a result, we have each endured a quiet internal journey as we try to rationalize, understand, and adapt to get through this phase of life positively – and it hasn’t been easy. Being alone physically has left many feeling alone emotionally, and the distance has caused many to feel low, confused, and unsatisfied with life. Literal or perceived distance from loved ones and the outside world can become overwhelming, as we often fear that we are missing out. People want to feel loved and accepted by others, and COVID-19 has slowly stolen that ability from many of us.

Because we crave love and acceptance, we assume we have to find it in our interactions with others. While there is no doubt that loved ones play an important role in your overall satisfaction for life, this is a moment that provides a rare opportunity for internal reflection. Instead of looking outward for praise, love, and approval, this is a chance to combat the feelings of loneliness and isolation by looking within to self-affirm. This is a perfect time to look inward and develop true confidence that comes from genuinely loving who you are. We hope you can internalize these beautiful affirmations. Read them, repeat them, and let them help you build the self-love and self-confidence you deserve.


“Loving yourself is how you teach others to love you.”

You will attract healthy, fulfilling relationships when you love the person you are – first and foremost. This is not about ego or vanity; Instead, it is a reflection of the way you value yourself and your character. Having a healthy sense of self-worth and self-love will impact every type of love in your life – family, friends, and even romantic partners. Your relationships will thrive when you exude confidence and self-respect. Being happy and comfortable with who you are means that you won’t accept emotional abuse or manipulation from others. You will see and acknowledge your worth, and others will treat you with the love you radiate.


“If you are searching for the one person to change your life… look in the mirror.”

We sometimes make the mistake of hoping others will help us feel happier. We rely on friends, family, work colleagues, and our spouse/partner to take action, and we hope that those external changes made by other people will be the key to our happiness. As soon as you break out of this mindset and look within, you will see that any barrier between you and your true joy is imagined. Look in the mirror – see your strength. The small decisions you make on a daily basis can help unlock the full potential of your dreams, and it all starts when you believe in yourself deeply. Trust in yourself and your instincts as you make bold moves to pave the way to true emotional fulfillment. The takeaway: Believe in yourself. No one else is more equipped than you to stand tall and charge toward your personal joy. You’ve got this!


“Feeling beautiful has nothing to do with what you look like. You are enough, exactly as you are.”

As a society, our sense of beauty is objectively skewed. Photoshopped and airbrushed images inundate magazines and digital media, and everything seems to be “filtered to perfection.” When you wake up in the morning and check your reflection, chances are you don’t look like that. Don’t worry, no one does. But this morbid beauty standard infiltrates our minds and we forget what it really means to be beautiful. First, don’t forget that your face and body are a small fraction of what makes a person attractive, and feeling beautiful has very little to do with a perfect figure and flawless skin. Sure, looks contribute to self-confidence, but true beauty comes from within. To feel genuinely good each day, you have to refocus your energy. Be kind to others and to yourself, and use your energy to spread love and goodness. Do your very best each day and remind yourself that you are enough, exactly as you are. Train your mind to repeat this mantra. Believe it, and you will radiate beauty more than ever before.

Conquer the Day – With Wildrose Jane

Let’s be clear: If you are struggling through this year, you are not alone! There are thousands just like you and me who sometimes need a friendly nudge in the right direction. We still have time to use what’s left of this unprecedented year for good, and that starts with being happy with yourself!

Remember that you are beautiful exactly how you are.

You are strong, capable, and worthy of being loved.

When you love and respect yourself, others will too, and you will live a happier, more fulfilling life. At Wildrose Jane, we believe in you. With self-love and confidence, we know you can conquer today and every day that follows, no matter what the future holds!

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