Natural Ways to Overcome Work Stressors and Increase Productivity

For many of us, facets of our jobs are stressful by default. Busy schedules, long meetings, back to back responsibilities that we are trying to juggle and manage – it can become tiring. In this unique economic environment, of course, most of us are grateful to be employed. It allows us to maintain our lives and feed our families, but that doesn’t mean it is easy every day.

Since COVID-19 began impacting our daily lives, average work stressors are seemingly exacerbated. Many are working from home, helping facilitate remote learning for their kids, and trying to accommodate a new normal that seems to keep changing. Instead of eagerly waiting for the world to go back to normal, there are things you can do right now to manage and overcome everyday work stressors to help you feel more relaxed and increase your overall productivity.

Conquer Stress Naturally!

Natural remedies to stress and fatigue are significantly more effective and dependable. That’s because the body responds better to organic compounds than to chemicals. In addition, holistic solutions tend to be more sustainable because you don’t have to worry about unfavorable side effects or unintended consequences. That’s why the best way to lower stress and increase productivity is naturally, with a few simple habit changes and with the help of organic wellness products.

Sleep Well

Create a consistent sleep routine so that, each day, you feel well-rested. It’s probably not surprising to learn that not getting enough sleep directly hinders your productivity, while making it more likely for you to feel stressed. When you don’t get enough rest, you have less energy to delegate to all of your responsibilities each day, leaving you to feel overwhelmed and resulting in you being less efficient overall. In order to sleep well on a regular basis, you can implement a couple of easy, sleep-supporting habits into your routine.

  • Power down your devices early. When you expose your eyes to the bright blue lights that come off of your cell phone, tablet, or television, it sends signals to the brain that it’s time to wake up. At bedtime, that can hinder your ability to wind down because your body will not produce melatonin the way it is supposed to, which negatively impacts your ability to fall asleep.
  • Try to limit your caffeine intake later in the day. You may drink coffee in the morning for a jolt of energy, but you may not realize that when you consume caffeine later in the day, it stays in your system for quite a few hours. This is called the “half-life“ of caffeine, which refers to the residual caffeine that remains in your system throughout the day. Because caffeine is a stimulant, having too much coffee or soda later in the day can jeopardize your ability to fall asleep, as the caffeine remains in your system.
  • Consider an organic, sleep-supporting product, like all-natural CBD. Many consumers are reaching for all-natural CBD products in lieu of chemical-based options because this holistic solution offers numerous benefits without unnecessary, mind-altering side effects. For example, many people enjoy a CBD tincture before bed. Administered sublingually (under the tongue), this fast-acting product comes in several flavors including orange, mint, and lemon, and it gets to work quickly to help you achieve a true sense of calmness and peace of mind before you drift to sleep.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is an easy way to combat fatigue and stress. It can sometimes seem difficult to incorporate exercise into your day, but when you do, you will find that you feel much more motivated and overall more productive in everything you do!  Here are some easy ways to stay consistent with your workout routine to help reduce your daily stress.

  • Put it on your calendar. It often feels like it’s hard to find time to exercise, so to avoid that common problem, add it to your calendar. Even if you delegate only fifteen or twenty minutes to go for a walk each morning or evening, you will contribute greatly to your stress-management and coping skills. Fresh air and sunlight work wonders for your mood and temperament, and exercising daily contributes to better overall health.
  • Find a workout buddy. To keep you on track, find a friend that wants to exercise on a regular basis, and motivate each other. Having a friend, spouse, or even four-legged sidekick to exercise with can make it more enjoyable and helps you look forward to the workout. If you do the workout with your pup, reward him/her with a delicious CBD dog treat afterward!
  • Use a natural topical product to support healthy muscles and joints. One deterrent for working out is post-workout fatigue. When your muscles feel fatigued and your joints feel tender and overworked, you can sometimes lose motivation to work out the next day. When you soothe your tender areas with a fast-acting, deeply penetrating CBD Salve, you can cut your recovery time in half and get back to feeling limber and agile!

Wildrose Jane – Natural Wellness Solutions

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A life with minimal stress and high productivity is absolutely possible when you implement a few changes to your routine. Try any of the above tips today! If you have questions about CBD, contact the excellent customer service team at Wildrose Jane for help choosing the perfect CBD product to fit into your lifestyle.

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